Free Media

The new Government of the Republic of Macedonia is committed to creating media environment for fair and objective information of citizens, because only truly informed citizens can bring informed decisions about their country’s future.

The Government will promote reforms in the media landscape following the recommendations made by the civil society sector at the “Urgent Reform Priorities Recommendations” Conference. All amendment procedures will be transparent and inclusive to all relevant stakeholders in the area. Our intention is to provide printed and electronic media with all the necessary preconditions for freedom of expression and evidence-based reporting, articulation of needs and media development. Broadcasters will receive an equal treatment in view of developing healthy competition among different media outlets.

Regulatory bodies are key to the reform. We will propose a model mirroring similar legislative arrangements in EU member states, especially the British OFCOM. In cooperation with the civil society, we will chose the best, most experienced, impartial and respected professionals to head these bodies. 

The Government will recommend abrogation of the broadcasting tax. MRT will no longer be financed by compulsory tax levied for the citizens. It will financed through a hybrid model of national budget resources, cable operator proceeds and profits made by selling MRT-produced contents. Additionally, we will propose legislative changes that should transform MRT from a partisan bulletin to a professional service of all citizens and identity pillar of the Republic of Macedonia.

The Government will put an end to the allocation of budget funds to media. Government advertisements will be free and intended only for projects of public interest. We will suggest amendments that will limit political party advertising only to political campaigning. 

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia will reassess the legislation regulating media concentration and media ownership in view of securing higher standards for support of democratic development and reduction of broadcasting licensing costs.