• Plan for economic growth

    Information on support of domestic and foreign companies.


    E-Registry of regulations where you can make comments on draft laws.

  • Open data portal

    All open data of the Government, ministries and institutions.

  • Personal documents

    Online appointment of terms for personal documents and forms.

  • My term

    Checking referrals and free terms for medical checkups.

  • IPARD Programmes

    Active calls for pre-accession assistance from the EU, intended for rural development (IPARD).

  • Scholarships

    Information on scholarships for pupils and students, and necessary documents for application.


    System of e-tax services of PRO. Check the electronic tax return for personal tax.

  • Civil budget

    Interactive visualization of the Budget of the Republic of Northern Macedonia for 2019.

  • E-system for public procurements

    Active procedures for public procurements and overview of completed procurements.

We create a strong and equitable economy that stimulates growth, creates jobs and supports the most vulnerable.
We are building a country that future generations can call their home.
One, just and equally multicultural society that takes care of differences and provides equal access to services and protection for all.
Republic of North Macedonia as an equal partner on the international stage - part of a prosperous, democratic and equitable world, that offers a chance for all its citizens.
We are working on transforming the Government and the institutions from closed to open and accountable, and we are professionalizing and depolitisizing the state administration.